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Mancunian suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst will be coming home to #Manchestaaah as an 8ft statue!


An 8ft bronze statue of leader will be unveiled in city centre next year.

The first statue of a woman to go up in the city in more than a 100 years and it will be partly funded by the Government.

I named my own daughter after this particular suffragette and she holds a special spot in my heart for this reason and the fact she was also a born and bred Mancunian like myself and my daughter. (Maybe her name won’t sound so unusual now)

Pankhurst, was born in Moss Side where my grandfather lived, and she helped pave the way for my generation of voters, a hundred years ago this week.

Designed by sculptor Hazel Reeves, Emmeline will be standing on a chair with her arm outstretched to the crowd facing out towards the Free Trade Hall, which was a venue for radical suffragette campaigning in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

I’m extremely proud and excited that Emmeline is to be recognised in her home town for everything she did for women and our to and I will be eternally grateful passing on her spirit and values to my own .

We will be visiting her when she arrives.

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