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Hand-Made Mother’s day gift guide for the minimalist mum in your life



I have to admit over the years I’ve not really bothered with mother’s or much effort. This isn’t because I’m an awful daughter its just the thing is my is just not a material person and I mean totally not. She would genuinely my siblings and I spend on ourselves or on her 6 grandchildren and can sometimes get mad when we spend on her too much. Over the past few years though she has being doing a few more things for herself and I’ve put together a mother’s day for the mum who does not want anything, but would still appreciate a token gesture from her off children on Day.

First iv found these lovely handmade created by Sarahburnsprints on , they are really good value and beautifully unique, with blunt straight talking messages perfect for all especially mine.

So now the card is in the basket I will go through my 10 cute mother’s day gift finds all from Etsyuk

1.)For The Tea Lover Mum

If your mum likes a cuppa tea this is such a simple but useful gift. A little wooden box that will enable her to pop all her favorite teas in and have them available at a glance to grab what tickles her taste buds that day. Available for £7 at Woodandwicker Etsyuk.

2.)For the Feng shui mum

My mum hates candles the opposite of me I’m obsessed but that does not stop her having them on display without burning them. This candle is a perfect touch to any home and will ward away any negative energy with black tourmaline feng shui crystal, created by Yogahero on Etsy

3.) For the sweet candle smelling mum

I cannot resist another candle on the list and Bergamot is my personal favorite aromatherapy smell it reminds me of holidays and sunshine and is also known to have properties for lifting moods. A lovely gift for all mum’s. Handmade by ThePureScent in London Etsyuk

4.) For The Sentimental Mum

Now my mum is more of a costume jewellery kind of lady but this is so unique and classy and something that can be worn everyday , with a real finger print and a personal message engraved inside the band of the ring such an amazing gift for a sentimental mum to cherish. Made by GracePersonalized on Etsyuk

5.) For the casual laid back mama

Now this is the type if gift I would like and I know my best friend would appreciate it too. Unique and usable and a little reminder of what it really means to be a mum and that the hustle is real but we are still so blessed created by KoolStuffDesignsCo Etsyuk

6.)For the mum that already has everything

If you have got exactly what you want for your mum but just don’t know how to give it to her. Why not get a personalized box to display all those beautiful products and she can use it to store them in long after mother’s day. made by Personalisedcraftco Etsyuk

7.)For the practical chocolati loving mum

Socks and chocolates what a bizarre but genius idea instead of flowers. We mum’s can never have enough socks and chocolates. This lovely bunch is created by Happylilhearts Etsyuk £19.99

8.) Now For the Minimalist Mum (Mine)

Now this is the one iv got for my mum, because it’s something different but still minimal and its something she will feel chuffed inside about. All mum’s need a little pick me up every now an then. made by Wearebreadandjam Etsyuk

9.)For the mum with 3

This I thought was practical and cute and another one iv chosen for my mum because there are 3 of us siblings but it would also be perfect for mum’s with triplets too. made by Sparkleanddotdesigns Etsyuk

10.) For a Mum who likes a reminder

And last but not least a beautiful engraved message bracelet in rose yellow or silver

All the gifts are from Etsy and are made to order so please leave plenty of time to get your orders in before 11th March and if you don’t fancy one from my gift guide I’m sure over at Etsy you will find something perfect to suit your mum’s personality have a lovely day x

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