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Welcome to Growthfulsouls a new Lifestyle blog with a twist, helping survivor’s of domestic abuse thrive , move on and create the life they have always wanted.

Are you a survivor of Domestic Abuse? or are you unsure what Domestic abuse actually is?

I was! less than 3 years ago I thought it was just hitting! punching! kicking! etc.

How wrong was I. Domestic abuse is not just physical in fact most of the time its emotional and eventually escalates to physical when the perpetrator feels they are loosing control. Domestic abuse is all about power and control.

I was subjected to years of Emotional, Financial, Coercive and psychological abuse from my ex partner and I didn’t even know it. I knew something wasn’t right as none of my other relationships had felt like this but as I was pregnant with my first child when the abuse started so I held on trying to keep some sort of family together trying to make sense of what was happening but the fact is I was naive young full of empathy,  positivity, optimism and totally unaware from the get go what sort of person I was letting into my life and what sort of person was going to be the father of my child. We didn’t have red flags to look out for in early 2000 and there were many that I walked past oblivious to what was to come.

As a young girl I was always taught about physical abuse but was never taught about the other types. If anything I was actually conditioned to condone many of the types I endured by social pressures family pressures and just the fact that it was actually condoned by most as the norm so if we moaned about it we were called nags ungrateful, difficult ,highly strung or high maintenance along with many other unsavoury names Ill talk about later.

Growthfulsouls highlights all types of Domestic abuse and thrown in is a twist of Fun Beauty and Glamour. I previously trained as a Beauty Therapist and I love fashion, health , culture, beauty, exercise, bargains, cooking, wine and coffee in fact I love everything I love life, truth, mindfulness and positivity so I thought why not combine the everything.

I’m still in the process of healing myself so come and join me on my journey becoming the best version of me a Domestic abuse Thriver.


Please help me spread awareness about domestic abuse

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